Friday, 21 March 2014

They didn't expect that!

When all four judges on "The Voice Italy" pressed their buttons and spun around, they did not expect Sister Christina, a 25 year old sister from Sicily. Regulars of The Voice UK will know that getting all four judges to turn is something. In the chat after, sister says she half expects a call from Pope Francis, but it's all to do with evangelization... Go for it Sister!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

The language of love - Pope Francis sends video message

It's not often I shed a tear in front of the computer screen, but I must own up, as this video
went on... Watch the fear and prejudices of centuries melt before your eyes. If you have yet to be convinced of the gift to the Church that is Pope Francis, and indeed his predecessors, if you do not understand the power of the Holy Spirit in our time, then giving 45 minutes to watch this conference of Pentecostal Evangelical leaders will be some of the most valuable minutes you have given this Lent - or maybe ever! While it is true that the first speaker seems to be an advocate of a Christianity that is far from the Church would accept, so you can skip four minutes over him, and I'm not sure what kind of Anglican the second speaker is, he make ssoem interesting points and, of course, you are not allowed to skip over the third speaker!