Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Abba, Coldplay, holograms and a higher power

Abba are back!  Well, we weren't expecting that, were we?  Well I wasn't.  Their new single is good, high on emotion but sort of reflective too. They're gong to do a concert too?   No, actually they're not, they'll be at home, while holograms (I think) of their younger selves "perform"  at a purpose built place in London's Olympic park.

Like most people, I suspect, I don't really understand holograms. They're there but not there, aren't they? Also using holograms recently are Coldplay, one of the great bands of the last 20 years or so (in my humble opinion etc). I remember buying their first CD - I think in my Penarth phase 1997-2000. One of their great gifts is to fill and energise whole stadiums - so-called, sometimes disparagingly, "stadium rock". But don't knock it - giving pleasure to so many people can't be bad.  

Coldplay are using holograms this year in performing their single "Higher Power", so here is a video of them doing so at New York's 4th July celebrations two months ago. You can catch the same thing but at the 2021 Brits on another Youtube video, but without an audience. And it's Chris Martin's connection with the audience that is part of the phenomenon. Oh, and yes, that title - "Higher Power". Coldplay are also notable for moving from the emotional to the spiritual from time to time, not always obvious in modern music. This seems to be clearer on their forthcoming album and its video filmed in Damascus.

Enjoy "Higher Power" - and the holograms..

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  1. Love it. You have increased my insights into the inner life of pop culture!!! Thank you 👍