Saturday, 31 January 2009

Under Inspection

There's been a lot in the news this week about the lifting of excommunication on four bishops of the St Pius X Society, including one who is a Holocaust denier. The first thing I noted was that they are still suspended from their ministry - they can't celebrate the sacraments. Next - it all seems a mess on the face of it, and in particular a PR mess. The Holocaust looms so large in all our minds that anyone making any decisions with an angle connected to it has to tread very carefully. Only this September on pilgrimage in Normandy we went to the excellent Memorial Museum in Caen, and there saw appalling evidence of what went on. I suppose being Pope is one of the most exposed positions in the world. Every word, every decision is examined minutely - and quite rightly - by us and especially by the media, who very often don't care to pause and reflect on any other angles or on the Big Picture. We must always remember to pray for the Pope.

Closer to home, our High School, Corpus Christi, is being inspected in two weeks' time - and that includes the Governors, of which I am one. Most governors are "linked " to a particular department or aspect of school life, and guess which is mine? Yes - R.E. As that aspect of school life gets its own inspection, I have to be ready to speak to the Inspectors about it. So this week I went up to the school for some "homework" with Pat, the Head of the R.E department. We went through all aspects of the matter, not just the teaching of R.E., but the whole Catholic ethos of the school. All the Governors meet the Inspectors prior to the event, but then I get my own grilling during the week itself. I hope they will be gentle...

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