Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Krakow counterparts

So here we are back from Krakow, all safe and sound. Everything went well, deo gratias. Hotel very modern, very good (except for mushy frozen veg!). The group worked very well (nobody mushy or frozen there). Organization was terrific as always with Billy and Rita.
I liked Poland. After the Baltic republics last year, I could see how Poland is further down the westernized route, but you never have to scratch very far to be reminded of its history. So, I'll put some of my pics on here over coming days, starting with a street in Krakow that I couldn't resist - Canons Street. This is where my opposite numbers lived, the canons of Krakow cathedral which is hidden in the Wawel fortress that you can see high up in the background. We had a guided wander through the old streets of the city on our first full day after a visit to and Mass at Lagniewiki, the Shrine of Divine Mercy. I'll say more about that when I get hold of what looks like a very nice photo of me taken during Mass there by one of the pilgrims.
Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the visit of Pope Benedict that starts tomorrow. Please remember to pray for him and for God's blessing on the next few days.

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