Monday, 21 March 2011

More children's Lenten wisdom

So here's another example of the work of the inspired children of our 3 Churches. Yesterday's Gospel was the Transfiguration and this drawing was brought down in the Offertory procession with the gifts of bread and wine. The picture here is just the top slice of a very, very big mountain.
On the top you can see three figures in gold - Jesus (with a sort of halo), Moses and Elijah. Rather unconventionally Moses and Elijah are both to one side. Then further on the right side is a large figure who I'm thinking must be Peter. As the mountain is rather pointy in a children's way, there's no room for him, so he's hanging precariously off the edge!
Then I zoomed in on the peak, and saw that - maybe accidentally or maybe not - Peter's hand is actually being held by that of Jesus. So there you have it - as we stand in faith before the Lord revealed in all his glory, we may feel like we are truly being knocked off our little perches. But the Lord who is blowing us away is also the same one who is holding us tight, and stopping us from falling right off the whole great mountain of life itself. "Out of the felt-tips and  crayons of children"... so to speak.

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