Friday, 22 July 2011

Re-laying and renewal

Since I came to these churches seven years ago I've always felt that the carpet in my sitting-room is a lovely colour - but not in that particular room. We did a lot of decorating about three years ago, but didn't touch the carpets. But this week all that has changed.
It all started with redoing the kitchen in the Parish Hall, including the flooring. Then we realised that the tiles in the servers' sacristy and toilet were coming up, and so put the same flooring down there. Then, well, the little carpet in the presbytery downstairs loo was really grotty, so we put the same stuff there. And then... a brainwave. Take the carpet up in the sitting-room and re-lay it in my bedroom immediately above, where it looks much better, and of course is a great fit. Then bring the rug out of the parish office and put that in the middle of the very nice now exposed wood-block floor in the sitting-room. Finally, get some hard-wearing carpet for the office and reception room, and some bedroom carpet for two rooms upstairs.. 
So with some careful interior re-cycling we've managed to spruce the place up without spending a huge amount. And I should point out that one of the above-mentioned now gone bed-room carpets we believe to have been original to the house, ie 50 years old... 
All a bit like renewal in the Church - some bits new, some bits recycled, a little inspiration, a little planning, and hope it's OK for a while!

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