Friday, 23 March 2012

The Week of the Servant

Things are getting busier as Holy Week approaches, so I'm realising it's a whole week since my last post.
For the last six years or so it's been my privilege to help with the formation of permanent deacons for our diocese. Sometimes I have been tutor and other times spiritual director in their three year programme. After a session it's great to have a chat about the Lord, the Church and anything else that comes up. At present I'm working as tutor to one of our students, and we've taken to watching a few Chritsian videos after our session. So here is one that I have pinched from his YouTube playlist. It's "The Servant King" sung by the composer, Graham Kendrick. It's a song that has become very popular since it was written, I think in the 1990s, and here he sings it at Glastonbury Abbey in 1996 for "Songs of Praise". It makes a good introduction, perhaps, to our celebration of Holy Week, beginning next Sunday.

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