Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Crossroads of the past

Well, I admit it, a few years ago I joined Facebook. There, I've said it!
Now, one of my favourite things on there is "Remember Old Cardiff". This was just started by some chap putting some pics of Cardiff past on there - and now it's followed by thousands, and you can just send him your own pics.
Well I was taken aback a few days ago when I saw a picture of somewhere very close to where I grew up. In the old days - yeah, even before Eastern Avenue was built in 1971 - there was a crossroads at the top of Penylan Hill, where Penylan Road met Cyncoed Road, Waterloo Road and Llwynygrant Road. When the new A48 was built, the crossroads disappeared, to be replaced by a bridge joining Penylan Road to Cyncoed Road. The pic shows this, with houses in Cyncoed Road ready for demolition.
I suppose I haven't seen this view for over forty years, and it took me back in a flash. Just another crossroads to most - but such a familiar sight to me...

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