Sunday, 24 May 2015


Happy feast day Church!
I was at Christ the King this weekend for Pentecost. After 10.30 Mass one of the children presented me with her artwork. Being half-term there was no Children's Liturgy, but she had still got really involved, and put her thoughts into this picture. As you will realise that is me, Farther, in the middle celebrating Mass in the red vestments of the feast of "Perdecost".  The Holy Spirit is in the air and love seems to be falling from the heavens - very profound!
But it's what is coming out of my mouth that amused and inspired : "Good News". She certainly got it, and as always - "out of the mouth of children..."  So I hope that Love falls out of the sky for you, and that inspired by the Holy Spirit of Perdecost, you will speak, and be, Good News.

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