Saturday, 13 February 2021

"Tapestry" at 50

Time for another musical memory. I heard on the news this morning that it's 50 years since the release of Carole King's landmark album "Tapestry". This came out as I was starting University, embarking on a new phase of my life. "Tapestry" quickly became a big favourite among students, with every song speaking to us. Very unusually, I don't think there's a single dud on the whole album. 

This morning I've been leading a "Service of Love and Commitment" for our diocesan Family Life Commission, particularly aimed at couples whose marriage arrangements have been disrupted by the pandemic, but open to all wishing to celebrate marriage and family life. In my homily I used one of the songs from "Tapestry" as my way into the subject. "Will you still love me tomorrow?" speaks of the end of a day when love has been shared, but also of the fear that it may not last until the next day. Does the love shared reflect a commitment shared too?

 Here Carole King sings it some years later in a beautiful pared down version with James Taylor, another great name from those days. 


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