Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fine Wild Horses

Susan Boyle returned to "The X Factor" on Sunday evening. Bloggers will know that X Factor is my weekly dose of flow-over-your-head weekend TV relaxation. Susan Boyle first hit our screens on "Britain's Got Talent" where she originally came second, but here she was back after a gap on Simon Cowell's other programme. The song she chose - or someone chose for her - was, I must say, a complete surprise, namely the Rolling Stones "Wild Horses". This was a track on the Stones classic album from about 1970 "Sticky Fingers", of which I am the proud owner of a copy. On that album Mick Jagger's raw voice tears into the actually touching words of this ballad.
When Susan Boyle sang it, it was such a different take on the song that I didn't even recognise it until the chorus came along. I have to confess I found her version very beautiful and moving. If you missed it - or even if you didn't - give it a listen... Fr M approves

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