Sunday, 29 November 2009

Advent begins...

First Sunday of Advent today, and a new Church year begins. We're now in year C of the three year Sunday readings cycle, and this is the year of St Luke, when most of the Sunday Gospels are from St Luke.
I was involved in training new auditors (=evidence takers) for the National Tribunal yesterday, so I missed what I gather was a great afternoon at Christ the King. We're realising more and more the importance of sharing our faith, especially if we are to share it with returning Catholics or new converts. A great way to learn how to do it - and get built up in our own faith - is to hear others do it. So several parishioners gave a testimony to aspects of their faith to an audience of about 50. Apparently it went well, with a few tears here and there, and the hall was abuzz.
Then this morning I was at Christ the King for Mass. I decided to refer to the dreadful Dublin report that is in the news. 10.30 was a Family Mass, and when I came to mention the Report, and was faced with our wonderful young people with their Advent candles and excellent adults who had organized the Mass, I got emotional and lost it for a few moments. People were very kind, and thanked me for something that seems to have spoken louder than words.
With September's pilgrimage, St Therese's relics, our Eucharistic Ministers day, and now this weekend, I'm more and more convinced that the Lord is "up to something" among us. So bring it on Lord, that's what Advent is all about!
ps Three more visits tomorrow, and November will overtake October as most visits month at the Canon's Stall...

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