Saturday, 23 January 2010

Chilling with the lads

Spent some fun time yesterday with some men of the parish at a Scalextric lunch (yes, honestly!). Soup and pasties were followed by being re-initiated into the twists and turns of the little cars. Great fun - and you get to know the guys a lot better. So - thanks Chris!
All this brings me to one of my projects for 2010 - wait for it - a Catholic Men's Breakfast. After seeing it work in Canada, and hearing about it working in various church and non-church settings here, I think it could be  a goer. Possible scenario would be once a month on a Saturday morning sometime between 8 and 9.30, getting caterers in to do English breakfast or whatever for self-service. Chat, chat, chat, then maybe a 15 or 20 minutes talk by someone on something interesting from their experience that would be relevant for men nowadays. Short time for queations, further chat etc  - and finish.
The thing is, there is little for men in the Church, and indeed women can, er, dominate a lot of general activities that do happen, at least numbers-wise. I would have it for our 3 Churches first, and then maybe open it up for others too. Any thoughts from out there in the blogosphere??

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