Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year - Wise Men

Happy New Year to everyone - from England! Yes, I'm on a post-Christmas tour around my family, and celebrated the New Year at my sister's last night here in Hampshire. (For the benefit of some overseas readers: Wales is not part of England!) I always love spending time with my family, and although one of my sister's sons is in Washington DC at the moment, he phoned last night to wish us all a happy New Year, and I had a quick word with him too.
Tomorrow I'm back at base in Cardiff, and straight into parish routine, with evening Mass. A few years ago our beloved Bishops of England and Wales moved some Holydays onto the nearest Sunday, including the Epiphany. So, the twelfth day of Christmas this year falls on the ninth day of Christmas!! Ho-hum...
Meanwhile, a second clip from Pasolini's "Gospel according to St Matthew" - the visit of the Wise Men.

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