Saturday, 23 April 2011

A divine unease

It's now Saturday, Holy Saturday. Our Good Friday liturgies went well. We had a full house at Christ the King, and as always I was moved to watch our people slowly approach the Cross of Christ to kiss it - the elderly determined to get there despite their infirmities, the children showing their love for Jesus with such spontaneity.
Now, like yesterday, it is a day without Mass - until this evening. It is an awkward day in a way, neither here nor there. We are caught between the horror of Good Friday and the glory of Easter, suspended as it were. It seems we are forced to sit down, to do nothing, to wait.
This is hard for most people in their busy lives, but God knows what He's doing! By forcing us in this way we are made to recognise that the action, when it eventually comes, is God's action and not ours. Nothing prepares us for the sovereign act of God that we call the Resurrection. It is a divine intervention, a flash from the heavens if you like. So to really capture it, grasp it, you have to be composed - and even being a little disoriented is OK. So don't worry if you don't "get" Holy Saturday, it's meant to be awkward. We are to feel the unease of our humanity, in order the better to comprehend in some small way the overwhelming power and glory of God.

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