Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Lord and his people

It's late on Easter Sunday evening. After a very busy and demanding Holy Week, I've been chilling this evening, watching any old nonsense on telly (I've been trying to feel enthusiastic about the royal wedding, but can't quite manage it) and having one of my favourites - smoked salmon. Mmmmm...
So the Vigil here at St Brigid's went very well, and smoothly too. The fire was good this year, and it was a joy to receive Nigel into the Church. Then it was up again at 7 this morning to set off for Mass at St Paul's, where I decorated and lit their Easter Candle, then back to St Brigid's for 10.30, where there was a lovely festive atmosphere. Tomy and I were invited to parishioners' for lunch, where I tried to refrain from too much wine as it was my turn to "do" the last shift - 6 o'clock at St Brigid's. In between, a chance for a quiet hour and a phone call to my brother-in-law who was also received into the Church last night.
So, all in all, Holy Week has gone well. I hope it has been a kind of returning to our roots of our faith for the parishioners, as it has been for me. As usual, there were particular moments I shall remember, but I think what I will carry with me this year in particular will be the joy of working with so many wonderful people of our 3 Churches to make this the best possible Holy Week. I am a very lucky parish priest.
Picture shows Michelangelo's "Risen Christ" at the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome

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