Friday, 20 July 2012


After Monday's brainstorming meeting about children and youth ministry in our 3 Churches, which went so well, I led another very good meeting last night on the reduction in the number of Masses that is taking place across Cardiff this year. It was a difficult task, but the members of our two Parish Councils and Pastoral Group who came did a fantastic job. It was a mature, reflective gathering, and I must admit it made me feel proud to be parish priest here. Superstars, all of them...
Talking of which, I'm enjoying the current reality/talent show on TV, "Superstar". What is amazing me is the talent of the men, and I fancy the standard is the highest of any of these shows that I have seen. I remember buying the original double LP in about 1971, before it was even a theatre show, so I feel I know the songs really well. The judges aren't as weird as usual either, with Mel C's strangely hypnotis stary eyes, Mr Nice Guy Jason Donovan, Dawn French fancying the black one, and Andrew L-W giving some very enlightening comments.  Catch it on ITV 9.00.
Today was the end of the school term, and we said goodbye to Mrs Bernadette Hancock, headteacher in our parish primary school, Christ the King. She has been  a great leader, a shepherdess with her love of the children and of God at the centre. At a difficult time in education, she took the school through a topnotch Inspection, but as I said at Mass, the real test is whether we are following Jesus. Another Superstar.     

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