Friday, 16 October 2020

2 Teresas for the price of one

I have a particular devotion to St Teresa of Avila, who has played a part in my vocation story. So I was looking forward to celebrating her feast day this week on Tuesday the 15th October.  But I don't know what happened in my brain as I woke up on Tuesday - which was the 13th, not the 15th.

I announced to Fr Andy at breakfast that while he said Mass at Christ the King at 9.30, I would do likewise back at base at St Brigid's. And I would pay for us to have the very nice fish and chips from Fintan's in Llanishen.  And that we would have hake, please.

As I started Mass at 9.30 I heard the phone ring, but let it go as I had already started. It was - of course - Andy calling to point out that I had the wrong day!   Anyway later as I tucked into my hake 'n' chips, Andy spilled the beans. Wrong day, Matthew!

So, we celebrated St Teresa of Avila twice this week. And, you know I'm sure I heard some polite laughter coming from heaven, where I'm sure Teresa enjoyed the double honour!

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  1. :-) I'm sure the double honour was more than accepted! I think the current situation has been going on for so long now it's affecting all of us in some way or another. Hope the fish and chips were good, sounds as though you've found a rather nice Fish and Chip shop local!