Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advent gets going

After a good weekend, more great signs of things moving on... I was at two meetings one after the other yesterday at Christ the King, the first for the 3 churches, the second just for C the K. 6.30pm I was with the little group I have looking at a strategy for our 3 churches to reach out to our lapsed/resting/inactive/returning Catholics. We've only had two meetings of this group which is six plus me, but we've already made plans for Christmas and into the New Year. We are investigating taking on a programme for later next year to provide something for such people to plug into if they decide they want to look at coming back.
Then straight into C the K parish council and a special meeting to look at the forthcoming refurbishment and extension of the Parish Centre there. After gaining the diocese's approval a few weeks ago to use money that we have deposited with them, things are forging ahead and we learned last night that it is hoped work will start in January. Excellent!
Again and again I am reminded of all the great people we have in our 3 churches here who give of their time and talents. There will be plenty more on display in this busy time of Advent as different events take place.

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