Sunday, 6 December 2009

Blessed memories

A trip down memory lane this evening, as we showed the DVD of this year's pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Loads of people came to see it at St Brigid's hall, many of them pilgrims but also lots of other parishioners too. I'd asked Teresa and Linda, two of the pilgrims, to say a little about their experience, and both did - very, very well. The DVD lasts over 90 minutes and we had a tea break half way through. The more often I watch it, the more special I feel is the sequence showing our 7am service by the lakeshore of Galilee on our last morning. Bernard, who made the DVD so expertly, intercut scenes of the brief prayer time with shots of the lake, the fishermen, and flashbacks to highlights of the trip. It sums up so much of this beautiful, beautiful trip, and brought a tear, I think, to not a few eyes.
The Holy Land will certainly be one of my highlights for 2009, and I thank God for it, along with Billy and Rita, the organizers, and all my fellow pilgrims. What about you, bloggers? Don't forget to look back... and give thanks to God and to the people who have enlightened your 2009.
The pic shows me celebrating Mass at the Sea of Galilee, with my hero St Peter being forgiven, loved and sent out by Jesus in the background.

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