Monday, 21 December 2009

Together at the manger

Just a few days to go now before Christmas. Well, yesterday we had our first 3 Churches Carol Service at St Brigid's. As with anything new, I was a bit apprehensive - how many would come? Would all the groups that had prepared their interpretation of the eight readings come up trumps?
The answer - yes! A great crowd came, and I think it was a big success. All the groups were excellent. Some were simple in their presentation, others more elaborate, so there was great variety. The Year 11 Performing Arts group from Corpus Christi High School were very good, as were all our wonderful parishioners, really.
For me personally, it was the the tableau that was the high point. Instead of the usual children portraying Mary, Joseph and the shepherds and kings, we had adults. They came into the sanctuary slowly and with extraordinary dignity as Tanya played some classical choral music on the CD player. Simon from Christ the King and Sue from St Brigid's were Joseph and Mary, while the shpeherds were from St Brigid's and the wise men from the Catenians. Then I called all the children present to gather around in front of the scene for "Away in a Manger." Simple, moving, beautiful. And you know how you can tell something is a success? It's when the people don't want to leave. And loads came across to the Hall for mulled wine or tea and mince pies.
Big thanks to Stephen, June and Tanya who were the steering group with me. Not for the first time since the summer, Fr M is a very proud parish priest...
The pic is by Welsh poet and engraver David Jones

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