Wednesday, 14 July 2010

E viva Italia!

After Spain winning the World Cup, I'll move on to my other favourite European country - Italy. What a beautiful land! I first visited there in about 1966 with St David's Choir, then in 1972 with friends on EuroRail, then I studied there for four years 1974-78 in seminary in Rome. Been back many times since, and I'm looking at a short visit this summer. Lovely landscape, cities and people, music, food and ice-cream - what more could you ask?
On the other hand, not always the most organized place, or, maybe, just organized differently. There's often, well, an Italian way of doing things. Check out this video to see what I mean. And before anyone accuses me of racism or whatever, it's a homage to things Italian and it's made by an Italian - and I love Italy OK?  Thanks to Fr J who passed it on to me.

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