Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The work of His hands, and ours

One of the reasons I chose Milan for my holiday this year is its nearness to the Italian lakes. So while I was there I took an organized day trip up to Lake Como. What a beautiful spot! The coach took us to the town of Como where we embarked on one of the ferry boats that criss-crosses it way up the long narrow lake. All along the shores, especially on the west side, is a procession of beautiful villas, many of them owned by celebs. Some of the visitors got, er, quite excited as we approached the village of Laglio, where a certain Mr Clooney has his little place.
Our lunch stop was the famous village of Bellagio, where I took the pic. Sometimes described as the most beautiful village in Italy, it was magic, with the warm summer sun, blue sky, shimmering lake, lovely pasta... ah, yes...
It's great to be able to get away, and be reminded by places like Como of the incredible natural beauty in our world, and then back in Milan to see works of art like Leonardo's "Last Supper", and be reminded of the incredible beauty of which the human race too is capable. 

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