Saturday, 18 June 2011

A 2 cappuccino morning

So Thursday morning I paid one of my infrequent visits to "town" ie Cardiff city centre. First call, the CTS - Catholic Truth Society, to lash out on all the stuff needed for the new translation of the Roman Missal. 3 big missals, 3 temporary inexpensive ones for September-November, 1 medium size missal for school Masses etc and 1 small version for pilgrimages, study etc, plus several hundred pew-sized cards for the people's bits of the Mass. Total? Heading for £1,000. Canon Peter Collins, parish priest at the Cathedral next door popped into the shop. I must have looked a little pale, as he offered me a coffee, so we had a quick chat, mainly about our new boss and the Installation on Monday.
Then onwards to the Cardiff Story, the new museum installed in the Old Library. Followers may remember I recorded an interview for one of the video displays here back before Christmas. So I literally went in search of myself. Lad on duty at the door wasn't sure what I was on about when I said I was looking for the section concerning immigration. Another young attendant suggested I might be looking for the children's section downstairs... which indeed turned out to be correct. Yes - and there in a section called "Settling In", or something like that, is a video console on various religious aspects of Cardiff's history and life. I watched myself for a minute, then answered 3 questions on Irish immigration (correctly, thank goodness), and continued on to hear me talking about Corpus Christi, followed by another 3 questions. This leads to a section with Shelagh Maher, a former parishioner of mine from St Cuthbert's in the Docks. Sorry, the Bay. 
The young attendant there stopped me and asked if I had been in a  few days before, coz she knew me from somewhere. I pointed to the 6 or 8 photographs on the wall behind her, at which point she squealed "Oh it's you". Fame at last. Awash with celebrity and to recover for the second time that morning, I slipped across to Cafe Nero in House of Fraser for another coffee. Cardiff's fastest most efficient barista was on duty, a marvel to behold, serving three at a time politely and efficiently. 
What's your order of preference for Nero, Costa and Starbucks? That's mine...

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