Thursday, 9 June 2011

One up to Archbishop George

Well, our clergy meeting with Archbishop-elect George went well in my opinion. We started with Mid-day Prayer and then the Archbishop introduced himself via the beautiful Philippians reading : "I want you to be happy in the Lord", and then shared with us his life story. After a lunch-break we continued with a question-and- answer session, in which he spoke at some length on vocations. Throughout the day I felt his approach was pastoral and scriptural, spiritual and solid. We ended with a "Holy Half-hour" in the church, with Archbishop George leading a meditation on the Road to Emmaus. 
So, a new start, a new language and maybe atmosphere... we'll see. I greeted him pointing out I am his Judicial Vicar. He expressed a hope that I wouldn't report him to Rome. Well, not so far anyway!

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