Friday, 24 June 2011

The Body of Christ

Corpus Christi - the Body of Christ. The one whom we receive to become more deeply who we are.
I celebrated Mass with the whole school (minus year 11) at Corpus Christi High School today. A congregation of 800 teenagers is not always the easiest to celebrate with, but it seemed to go OK this morning. A good sign was that the teachers felt it was the "easiest" feast-day Mass for a while. After Mass they have a free day with loads of different activities available, including Corpus Staff's Got Talent! It's a great school, and I told them all at the end that the whole Catholic community of north Cardiff is proud of them and loves them.
On the way home I called in to Waitrose to collect a cheque for just under £200 for St Brigid's. They have 3 charities each month who receive a donation in proportion to how many shoppers drop their little green tokens in the appropriate box. I don't know who nominated St B's - but thank you very much. And thank you Waitrose.
Now, we haven't had a flash mob video for a while, so here's one with a difference - what you might call a very Catholic one, specially for the Feast of Corpus Christi... enjoy. Fr M approves.

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