Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Communication and conversion

Bit of a gap since my last post -  we lost our BT phone and internet on Sunday afternoon and it stayed off all day yesterday. I called BT and went through the whole process of - well, you know the feeling if you have encountered BT or one of the other utilities call centres. This morning the phone line sprang back into life, though we're told it sounds crackly from outside. Meanwhile the internet is coming and going at will!  Five years ago the same happened and it was the wire from the house to the pole rubbing against the ridge on the roof of the Hall until the insulation had gone. I'm thinking it's the same again, even though they were supposed to have raised it last time.. The engineers are coming this afternoon, so we shall see. Grrr...
One of the nuisances yesterday was that I'm doing my regular radio spot tomorrow, and the Monday before is when I communicate back and for with the BBC to choose my topic and send the script to the producer. Anyway, I've managed to get it all done this morning in the gaps when the internet is working. If you're interested, I'm talking about the Conversion of St Paul, tomorrow's feast, during Roy Noble's programme on Radio Wales, Wednesday at about 2.40pm.
The picture is Caravaggio's striking depiction of the Conversion, in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome.
LIve update! 12.45 BT man has just been with amazing gadget. He stuck it into the socket - and, yes, phone line crackly, internet intermittent etc. Then he pressed a few more buttons to find where the problem is, and on his little screen up comes "40 metres" - exactly the distance to the roof of the hall. That process took a couple of hours last time, this time a few minutes. The wonders of modern science, eh? So he's coming back this afternoon with his buddy and his cherry-picker to put up a new line with extra special binding stuff. Watch this space...

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