Sunday, 29 January 2012

Can I live? Videos of life 1

Another busy week... more bereavements than usual, so funerals to arrange... usual variety of pastoral problems in the parishes etc. 
In our prayer group this evening we talked and prayed a while about pro-life issues. I remembered a song that I meant to put on here a while ago, but forgot. It's an American hiphop singer/TV personality called Nick Cannon, currently married to Mariah Carey, as an unborn baby singing to his mother. Song is called "Can I Live?"  If you can handle rap, then give it a listen. It's hard to imagine this being produced in the UK - it would be soooo uncool. I know we may not always be comfortable with some American approaches to pro-life matters, but noone could say it's not on the agenda over there.  Problem here is that by people staying sort of British low-key, well, the opposition is winning  by default. Mums sometimes just don't know - that's a child. Somebody pointed out this evening that we often hear sad news about a mother "losing a child" through miscarriage or still birth. But we don't hear the same phrase used with regard to abortion...
You can catch the song with its accompanying video here, but the quality isn't very good, or here, with the words on screen. I like the last words, "Thanks for listening, thanks for listening... Mom."

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