Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Runny noses, shimmering lights, new possibilities

Brrrr... cold snap as they say. I was up in Pontypool today for a Marriage Tribunal judging session. We three judges, ably managed by the adminstrator, concluded three cases. I'm always relieved when these sessions are over - so now I'm going to chill for the evening.
After a freezing few minutes' wait on Cwmbran Station, the train brought me back to Caaaardiff, joined by a bloke who got on at Newport who had a runny nose. He sniffed n snorted every 10 seconds to everyone's annoyance. Too much information, I suppose, but that's Newport for you (only kidding - a Cardiff joke!)
Coming back through Cardiff city centre, I had never noticed before the dancing lights display on the outside of the "helter skelter" ramp to the St David's multistorey car park. I know, I should get out more... Anyway, I though it was fascinating and even beautiful to watch, especially when you're caught in a rush hour traffic jam. Apparently it's called "The Shoal" and was installed last May. Catch 2 minutes of it in this video.

Lastly, a few little thoughts from Sunday's homily. Ponder, if you will, Jesus' brief words in the Gospel. First, "What do you want?", then "Come and see", then "You are Simon, you will be called Cephas." These three little phrases, so everyday sounding, can take us so far into faith. When Jesus asks you what you want, I think he's asking, or lets you ask yourself, a bit more than just "Why are you following me?"  What do I really want  - in life. His invitation to come and see is rather more than just asking if we want to see his house in Capernaum. Come and spend time with me, listen, watch, get to know me. And to change Simon's name to Peter-Rock is much more than simply giving him a new nickname. Come with me, be with me, learn from me, receive from me. I will lead you to where you could be, my Father's dream for you, that I can see, but you can't yet. You think that those hills across the Sea of Galilee are the limit of your vision. I can see Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome, the world...
So this year of 2012, what do we want? Do we have the courage to move, to come and see? Are we ready for the Lord to maybe change our agenda, broaden our sights, expand our horizon? Here, in an icon at the church of St Peter in Gallicantu ("at the cockcrow") in Jerusalem, is Pete getting his new job...

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