Sunday, 13 May 2012

Come what May

Busy May continues, with more Confirmations at St Brigid's on Tuesday, and more First Holy Communions at Christ the King today. Funerals are also sadly very much in the air too.
The daughter of a gentleman whose funeral was this week turned out to be part of a crowd of girls that I used to, er, know, in my teens. Yes, priests are human, and, yes, I did have a couple of girlfriends in those days. So there was a bit of "where are they now" chat...
And then there's Agnes who died in the early hours of Friday. A much loved parishioner of Christ the King, she had suffered a lot over the last period, and was wonderfully looked after by Cath, her daughter. They both have been regulars at our Sunday evening prayer group, and Agnes was a great lady and Christian. I'll miss her a lot, and so will the parish and many within it.
Good reports continue to come in about "Celebrate" last weekend, and my opening talk on Saturday morning seems to have gone down well. 
Fr T has taken the first half of his summer break starting today, so I'm on my own for just under a fortnight. It's a mixed blessing. On the one hand I like having someone else around - but on the other I can now play my music loud! Fr T is a quietish chap and I don't like to blast him with my music, so usually it's very good headphones that a considerate couple in the parish gave me a few years ago as a present.
Tomorrow I'm off to Ledbury in the evening to give the first of a series of talks they're having in the parish, something I'll also be doing in Llantwit Major next week. Then, after another funeral on Tuesday and my Fraternity of Priests on Wednesday, on Thursday I'll be chairing the diocesan Council of Priests with the Archbishop. I suppose it all keeps me young and beautiful! 

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