Monday, 7 May 2012

So much to "Celebrate"

I had a chill-out day today, after megabusy Sunday for Fr T and me. So this morning we took ourselves off for a quiet visit to Llantwit Major, one of my favourite spots, even in the rain. After a little while spent at St Illtud's ancient church (detail of one of the ancient stones left), we dashed through the drizzle across to the Eagle for lunch. Long wait, but a very tasty steak 'n' ale pie filled me up. As we drove home via Cowbridge, the Vale was only glimpsable through the showers, but it was oh so very green.
Anyway, on Thursday Archbishop Stack visited Christ the King for our first Confirmation since he came to Cardiff. I was very impressed, especially with the spirituality of the occasion and the personal attention he gave to each candidate at the laying on of hands and the anointing. He's back tomorrow for the slightly larger group from St Brigid's and St Paul's.
The next day, I had a very interesting phone conversation about youth ministry, about which I can't say anything yet, as I have several irons in this particular fire.
Finally - there was "Celebrate" at Corpus Christi. Wow. What a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed everything, and I wasn't even present for almost half of the time! The teaching, the youth activities and especially the music and the general atmosphere were really great. I found myself welling up a bit on several occasions - sometimes with the worship, but a few times as I watched parishioners getting really involved and uplifted. Two local musicians joined Ronan Johnston's band - and both were from from our 3 Churches! Proud parish priest... I only wish more folks could share the gifts that these wonderful weekends bring to our faith and our Church. And I had another networking conversation about youth ministry with someone who is a real expert. Watch this space...
Unfortunately I couldn't find Ronan's music  on the net very much, but here are 2 songs that we sang at "Celebrate". First - "Let's not go back to Egypt" had everybody clapping, waving  and generally jumping about. The video is of him playing it 2 years ago at another event at Walsingham, where the congregation were not as lively as ours this weekend!. Then, I have Ronan's setting of St Patrick's breatsplate, which  was equally uplifting in a slightly calmer way.
Fr M approves of "Celebrate". Bigtime.

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