Monday, 21 May 2012

Sacraments and more

So we've come to the end of our sacramental three weeks, with two Confirmations and three First Holy Communions. Everything went well, ending with the kids of St Brigid's and St Paul's making their Communion yesterday. Several people were kind enough to say nice thimgs about my homily for the children, and how I was able to talk with them. While I am very, very used to Mass with children - for 34 years! - I forget that most people don't experience children's Masses, so aren't familar with the wonderful, alive quality that they can bring. Personally I love Mass with kids. Fantastic.
Onwards and upwards, as they say. Planning started this evening for our 3 Churches Mass on Sunday 8th July at 11am in Corpus Christi High School. It's going to focus on the sacraments, and especially on those who have received them this year. Lots more to come on this - watch this space!  Thursday I'm meeting with Archbishop George and a few others to discuss youth ministry in the archdiocese, but before that I'm off to Llantwit Major tomorrow evening to give a talk, and then interviews on Wednesday for the dputy head job at Christ the King Primary School. 
Meanwhile I have to read, absorb and write my opinion on three Canon law cases for a National Tribunal meeting on 14th June.
So on a lighter note here's a great picture someone posted on Facebook - very good, hahaha. (Thanks to Viv)

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