Thursday, 30 May 2013

God's great dancefloor!

A few days ago I posted a song by Matt Redman, an English singer and songwriter of contemporary Christian music. He often works with a similar American worship leader, Chris Tomlin. Chris is involved in an annual Christian gathering in the US aimed at students. The 2013 meeting was entitled Passion 2013 and was held at the Georgia Dome, a covered stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. It attracted 60,000 young people, and there are several videos from it available on Youtube. If you want to see 60,000 young people really enjoying themselves with no drugs or alcohol in sight, watch Chris Tomlin leading them in one of his songs with the great title "God's Great Dance-floor". Someone who saw it over my shoulder thought it was a Coldplay concert - which is fine by me!  Catch it here
These are some of the words - I like the idea of being really alive when we dance to God's music, and it reminds me of this image I saw a few years ago.

I’m coming back to the start where You found me.
I’m coming back to Your heart
Now I surrender, take me, this is all I can bring

You’ll never stop loving us no matter how far we run
You’ll never give up on us
All of heaven shouts: let the future begin

I feel alive, I come alive, I am alive - 
on God’s great dance floor.

words Chris Tomlin

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