Tuesday, 4 June 2013


In busy parish life, I am often faced with a clash in my diary. This evening I want to be two places at the same time, but not having the gift of bilocation, it's going to be difficult. Strangely the two clashing appointments symbolise two very different aspects of a pp's life. 
At 7pm in our parish primary school, Christ the King, there is a termly meeting of the full Governing Body. In a Catholic school the Governors have authority in at least four areas - the appointment of staff, the admission of children, the supervision of the curriculum and the distribution of the money. Or who does the teaching, who gets taught, what they get taught and how you pay for it! I am a great believer in Catholic schools, and also believe that parish clergy should be involved in the governing of our schools - not all priests agree...
But also at 7pm in the house of some parishioners is the "post mortem" on this year's
Celebrate Wales a month ago. Now I am a great supporter of Celebrate too, and this year we are seeing some very positive developments in our 3 Churches as a result of Celebrate. More of that in a later posting.
So, what to do? The education of our children or the stirring up and celebrating of our faith? Well, I'll attempt both, I think. I'll go to the Governors then at maybe 8pm make my excuses and zoom over to the Celebrate meeting.
Two very different meetings... Thank God for our living Church!

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