Thursday, 6 June 2013

It's not about the nail

At my rapidly advancing age (big 60 later this month) I've observed a lot of people. What about this men and women bit - are there real differences? I remember reading "Men are from Mars, Women from Venus" years ago and, well, yes, there was something in it. One of that book's main proposals is that women's deepest wish is to be listened to, have their feelings "validated", while men's deepest is to be needed. So the worst thing you can say to a woman is "I don't care what you're feeling", and to a man "I don't need you". 
Anyway, I came across a little video which puts some flesh on this, at least the women's side of it. It's a clever little piece called "It's not about the nail" - see what you think! Click on the picture.

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