Sunday, 23 June 2013

The prayer of Jesus

Oh, it's been over a week since I posted - so 2 videos to make up!
When I was in seminary I remember being fascinated by efforts being made to re-create what the Lord's Prayer would have actually sounded like when spoken by Jesus. The language that he used was Aramaic, which is still the liturgical language of some of the Eastern Rites of the Church. So one way of doing such a re-creation is simply to listen to the Our Father as spoken or sung by our fellow Christians of today. 
So here are two such versions, both set to music. One is an Australian recording and the other American.  The first is a little New Agey, but still beautiful. The second, slightly longer, has a man speaking the prayer then a choir singing it. So here is the Our Father or Abun d'bashmayo, version one - click on the picture.
And so here is the second version - click on the picture here too.

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