Friday, 11 September 2020

Life and energy

This coming weekend we return to our full schedule of Masses in our 3 Churches. This is very heart-warming, as it shows both the faith of the communities and the determination of the communities. It's not easy to jump through all the hoops to achieve this, and we are hugely indebted to the individuals who have planned and carried out the re-openings and those who maintain it, especially the stewards. All wonderful people! 

On this upbeat theme - a while ago I posted the original video of "Jerusalema", the song that has swept a lot of the world this year. It has given rise to the "Jerusalema Challenge" - basically to do a particular dance, (part of which was to dance eating food!) that has now spawned endless varieties and endless videos on YouTube, all of which you can see if you just put "Jerusalema" into the search box.  So here are two of them - first a priest and servers dancing the original dance in Montreal (seriously)  and secondly a group, from South Africa doing a more creative version.  With people getting anxious about the virus, just enjoy the energy...


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  1. Caught your homily tonight, Canon, thanks for providing some excellent reflections, it certainly hit home with me