Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Our own Tabghas

We are strange beings aren't we, us human beings? Take for example a visit to a consultant, like I did today.  Half of us wants to know what the situation is, the other half doesn't, in case the news is not so good.  And then, either way, afterwards we feel much better just to know the answer - whatever that answer was!  Ho hum. Well my news was basically good, I was given good advice, I was helped to understand what is going on, and had any questions answered. So Andy bought fish and chips for us for lunch...

Another thing that's interesting to me when going to see a specialist in the medical world, is to remember that some of the thoughts and feelings I have going there might well be similar to what people experience coming to see us clergy. And that might be especially true for me when folks come for a potentially difficult meeting to discuss a possible annulment. That nervousness, that uncertainty, sometimes hidden behind nonchalance - after 42 years of priesthood I am familiar with all of these and many other reactions in God's people. So why should it be any different when the shoe is on the other foot?  As always, we are all sisters and brothers in this life aren't we, all with our own joys and sorrows - and slight wobble as we await the expert's answer...

Below, one of my very favourite places of peace and beauty - the breaking of bread at Mass at Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee, site of the "breakfast on the beach", with Jesus lifting up Peter in the background.


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