Monday, 7 September 2020

HS2 to be

A video today that's very "niche", as they say.  I've always been fascinated by maps since I was a boy.  A more recent fascination has been those engineering programmes you spot on obscure TV channels - "Abandoned Engineering" etc. So I found a video which is a "fly-through" of the HS2 project from Birmingham to London. It's a computer generated image of what it will look like when (if?) finished, its effect on the environment and the landscaping etc that it will require. Among those I learnt a new phrase - a balancing pond, of which there are many involved in HS". It's a means of controlling excess rain water when there's a downpour, which then releases it slowly.  You live and learn...  So take a trip from Birmingham Curzon Street to London Euston!

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