Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Good News and Judas Trees

So here we are again, again...  Out of our local Welsh lockdown, and so back to public Masses. As Fr Andy is away for a few days, I'm celebrating the weekday Masses this week. All is well, and, again, it's good to see the weekday Mass "regulars" once more.  News this week of course on the virus front. There are all kinds of reservations, but it is surely great news, and we are all in need of that, aren't we?

New this year is a sort of Tree of Memories outside in the grounds of St Brigid's. Following our Mass of Memories on Saturday, the names of people who we are remembering have been written on hearts which are then hung on the branches of  a small tree.  Amazingly, I have always been told it's a Judas tree, but I just discovered this is also known as as the love tree - how appropriate is that!  Here's a picture of one...



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