Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Spirit and the Church

The end of a long day, but a great day - Pentecost! Lots of people saying good things about liturgies today. I celebrated 8.30 and 10.30 at Christ the King this morning. Coffee 'n' chat after both, then back to the ranch where James and I got micro-waving the lovely sausage and bacon casserole housekeeper Mary had left for us. Then, after a quick 30 minutes feet up, it was off with James to take part in the Pentecost walk, service and picnic marking 50 years of Churches Together in Llanishen and District. We parked as recommended at Christ Church in Lake Road North, and joined the walkers for the stroll down Lake Road West in the sunshine to the patch of grass reserved for us behind the playground area. As Chairman at the moment, it had been down to me to prepare the brief service, which went well. Then we all sat down in wonderful Roath Park for a shared picnic. I suppose we were 70 or 80.
James and I strolled back to the car, and I was pleasantly tired. However, it was also my turn for evening Mass - and there was no lead altar server or organist! Our two lovely evening Mass younger girl servers turned up however, despite their grandad dying last week. I was pretty whacked by the end, and was rather reuctant to go to the Prayer Group which meets after Mass on Sundays. However it IS the feast of Pentecost, and, as it turned out it, was a very positive and enriching group this evening, and I felt refreshed by the end. So, after a sandwich and a little drivel on TV, it's catch-up on blog! So, happy Pentecost, happy feast day!

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