Thursday, 14 May 2009

A straight run

Another interesting run of appointments yesterday evening showing our varied lives as priests. 5.40pm the phone rings. It's the Christ the King First Communion catechists. Am I, er, coming to the practice for First Communion which started 10 minutes ago?! A mad dash and I make it. Now I was already intending to get to CK for 6.30, because I had a wedding practice. I had clean forgotten about the children. As 6.30 drew close, sure enough bride, groom and entourage appeared outside. We gently edged the kids and their mums out and then I got into the wedding practice. All went well, especially as I did the marriage of the bridesmaid a year or two ago, so at least she knew the routine - and so did dad.

No time to stop. Evening prayer at 7.15pm before Mass at 7.30. Usually Fr James does Wednesday evening at CK, but he was in London getting his visa renewed. Afterwards, back down to St Brigid's, where I was expecting at 8.30 a visit from someone who had been away from the sacraments for a long time. An hour and a half later, and amid tears, they were back on track.
So there you are - 5.30 8 year olds; 6.30 starry-eyed couple; 7.30 "regulars" at Mass; 8.30 a joyful reconciliation. Eventually, 9.50 a bit of supper - and the last 10 minutes of "The Apprentice".

p.s. I did catch up on the rest of Sirallan on iPlayer today!

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