Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Love at the heart of the Church

One of the most loved saints is St Therese of Lisieux, "The Little Flower". Our September Pilgrimage visited Lisieux in September, and we were able to celebrate Mass at her convent chapel and spend an afternoon at the Baslilica dedicated to her. For a while now her relics have been brought to different countries for people's devotion, and they are coming to Britain in September. On 22nd September they will be at St David's Cathedral here in Cardiff until the following day. I know that for some people the whole idea of relics doesn't sit well, but for many others it's a way of "coming close" to one of the most venerated members of the family of the Church in heaven. You can find out all about the visit and about Therese here on the Bishops' website. Sr Patricia Mary explains the message and importance of St Therese in a short video here. When Therese accepted that her health would not allow her to be a missionary, this woman of God proclaimed "I will be love at the heart of the Church."

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