Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Curonian Whaaaat?

The Curonian Spit is an amazing finger of land almost 100 Km, or 60 miles, long that almost totally encloses a lagoon partly in Lithuania and partly in the Kaliningrad area of Russia. It's nowhere more than 4 kilometres wide and at places is less than 500 metres. It consists of sanddunes, many of which are now planted with trees. But a lot of it is still moving and shifting a little each year. On the Baltic Sea side of the spit there are 60 miles of beaches with fine beautiful sand. I spent a day in the area on my holiday, with fine sunny weather and a really relaxing atmosphere. The whole Spit is a UNESCO site and protected by all kinds of regulations, so as not to damage its fragile environment. I climbed the highest dune, which turned out to be THE highest moving dune in Europe. The photo shows the view south from the top of the dune. Halfway in the distance is the Russian border, with several hundred metres of "Nature Reserve" either side of the border, i.e security zone. So, on my holiday I visited Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and saw Russia.

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