Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Safe and sound

Hi folks! I got back yesterday after a relaxing 4 days at my brother's, and fascinating 10 days in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. What amazing places, hidden away there across the Baltic Sea. I'm sure I'll have various things to say about my trip over coming postings. I managed to get to Klaipeda in Lithuania, the "Land of my Fathers" - or at least of my great grandfather. So perhaps my first pic should be of me in Theatre Square there. In the background is the theatre itself. From its balcony Hitler gave one of his most nasty speeches in 1939 after he had invaded the city, but before the outbreak of the War in September. The memorial is to a local author Simon Dach, who penned a song beloved in those parts about little Annie - or Annchen. The monument looks as if it's falling over in the photo, but actually it's perfectly upright! The other photo is of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, to show that the sun does shine there, unlike the pic I posted a while ago of the same view of Tallinn under snow (at the bottom of the page). Great holiday, but good to be back too...

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