Monday, 31 August 2009

You need Brains

Continued Fr Chris' education in things Cardiffian - and took him to the Old Arcade. He tried a sip of Brains Bitter but went back to his lager! But the mixed grill went down very well. Walked around Cathays Park first and past the castle, he'd seen the Stadium so we went past St John's and along Queen Street to St David's Cathedral, where a lady glared at us when I was whispering to Chris the history of the place. Canon Peter came by and welcomed us. It was at that point Chris said he fancied a beer with lunch so we double-backed through the St David's Centre to Church Street. The Arcade doesn't seem to change, and resists temptations to go metro, Irish, themed or anything else. More power to its Caaardiffian elbow! Fish comes from that other Cardiff institution Ashton's next door in the market. Canon approves. Anyone care to suggest favourite spots in Cardiff or South Wales for Fr C to visit in his last fortnight?

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