Saturday, 29 August 2009

Jacob fair, Jasper good

Yesterday I went with Fr Christopher to visit Llandaff Cathedral. As it is the oldest centre of Christianity in the city, I usually try to make sure visitors go there. Also, it's always good to show newcomers places with which you're familiar, because you then see it through some new eyes. When we got there, a funeral was just ending, and a soprano soloist was singing a beautiful piece before the coffin was removed. The sweet sound was wafting out of the wide open main doors.
Fr Chris said he didn't care much for the famous Jacob Epstein "Majestas" statue of Christ, as it didn't look much like Jesus... That concrete arch and its statue still cause controversy 50 years later. They are installing a new organ in the cathedral, and looking for £1.5 million. I couldn't help wondering if this might be in response to our St Peter's in Roath, where Fr David is wont to proclaim that their new organ is the best in Wales! Ah, yes, long live ecumenism...
Cup of tea afterwards across the road at Jasper's. Presumably named after Jasper Tudor, builder of the north-west tower of the cathedral. Very busy, a bit squashed into a warren of rooms, patios and nooks - but nice tea, Welsh cake and atmosphere - the canon approves.

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