Sunday, 27 September 2009

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Well besides the relics of one of the modern world's greatest saints visiting the cathedral, what else has been happening in Cardiff??? Ah, yes - John Lewis!!!
John Lewis Cardiff, the Partnership's first department store in Wales, and its largest outside London, opened for business on Thursday. The website tells us that "the 280,000 sq ft, four-floor shop, giv[es] shoppers access to more than 350,000 lines." It's the beginning and anchor of the St David's 2 development in town, and is the biggest branch outside London. Actually, though I'm no great lover of biiiig shops, based on my visits to two John Lewis branches, most recently the one in Glasgow two years ago, they seem pretty good. The food court in Glasgow was excellent! And, yes, I will be paying the new one a visit in the near future. Anyone care to own up to already going there and make a comment here?
The thought crosses my mid that where John Lewis is built was the site of some of Cardiff's oldest ninetennth century housing from the very begiinings of its boom-time. Many Catholics lived in town in the streets between the Hayes and the prison, and in very humble conditions. Ancestors on both my parents' sides lived in the area, in David Street and Love Lane, in Canal Street and Frederick Street. I wonder what they would think of a 280,000 sq ft, four floor shop with 350,000 lines on the shelves? Maybe if we listen hard among the bustle we will be able to hear their voices behind the busy-ness of our sparkly new store? What would they say to us? Well, at least their cathedral still stands around the corner in Charles Street - so let's commend them all to the prayers of the great St Therese herself.

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