Friday, 25 September 2009

Something's up...

People who were on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land are still coming up to me to talk about it and thank me for my contribution. It was the nineteenth of our journeys, and I have to admit that in many ways it was my favourite. I think folks will have gathered by now how much I love our Holy Land trips more than any others, but there was something particularly special about this one. Maybe it was just that everything came together so well, but I suspect that it was more than that - I can detect definite traces of the presence of the Holy Spirit in what people are telling me. They were touched very deeply, and many have said how they feel that it will take quite a while for everything to sink in and for them to digest it all. I can echo that feeling - the Lord seems to be around and active at the moment, what with St Therese's relics in Cardiff and so on. And when Jesus is about - you better watch out! So I suppose it's a case of - watch this space... Meanwhile here's another of my own photos, this time of Gethsemane.

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