Friday, 18 September 2009

Mary's Diary

Most of the places we visited in the Holy Land I had been to before. Somewhere new, however, was the Notre Dame Centre in Jerusalem. This is a hotel and welcome centre for Catholics under the control of the Vatican. They have a chapel where we celebrated Mass and an exhibition called "The Man of the Shroud". Our guide at the exhibition was a young German lady from Munich, and after showing us around she delighted us by singing a song. It was her own translation of a Spanish song entitled "El Diario de Maria" (Mary's Diary). We were all entranced, and so I searched for an English version on the net. I could only find an original Spanish one with English subtitles. If they are too small for you, doubleclick on the video to take you to YouTube, then leave The Canon's Stall, or you'll have two versions running together. Enjoy!

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